Spilna mova
an online school with Ukrainian-language courses for developing communication skills.
You will be able to learn more about daily communication, ethics of business communication, difficult conversations, humor, resistance to manipulation, questions, delegation, effective communication with the team, specifics of online communication, and much more.
students graduated from our school
Ukrainian-speaking lectors
дата заснування
Future courses
Nadia Pereviznyk
organizational consultant and psychologist
Inna Titorenko
Easy communication coach
Lastenko Katrin
business coach, conflictology specialist
Kris Kosyk and Maryna Ptashnyk
Courses with instant access
Kris Kosyk
Shit i Know podcaster,
co-owner in Filab
Zoriana Borbulevych
international business coach
Polina Korobeinyk
Professional producer
and actress
Maryna Ptashnyk
The founder of the Spilna Mova School of Communications
Recordings of lectures and webinars
Olha Ozerian
L&D lead в iDeals Virtual Data Rooms
Olena Zanichkovska
Founding Partner The Gradient
Staska Padalka
Copywriter, author
of books
Lidiia Maksymchuk
Business trainer
in the psychology of communication
Archive of events
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